Condo Inspection

So, you’ve decided to purchase a condo?


Most people believe that only houses need inspections, but this is a popular urban myth.


Before signing on the dotted line make sure that your Chicago condo is thoroughly inspected by a quality licensed and certified inspector you can trust!


That’s why it’s critical to choose a service like the one provided at Home Inspection Estate. I have years of experience paired with extensive training to know exactly what to look out for. If there are problems, I’ll find them for you, notify you immediately and let you know of your available options. Our condo inspections include a professional report with pictures included usually provided within 24 hours or less.


So what is a condo inspection anyway?


A condo inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of the condo by a qualified professional. It is designed to inform you of the condition of the property. A condo inspection will not include common areas in the building because the buyer is not responsible for those.


Should the buyer be present at their condo inspection?


To maximize the benefits of the inspection it  is highly recommended that that the buyer be present. As a condo inspector, I will give you valuable insight into the condo as you go through your inspection. Some issues with condo inspections are best pointed out with the customer and the inspector together.


To schedule an appointment to get your Chicago condo inspected or for more information on condo inspections, please call 773-983-9155